If you want to get your car license quickly and affordably, Driving School Residential is the best driving school you can choose to learn to drive on the island of Ibiza.

In our center you will find our staff who will offer you personalized attention and will help you enroll in our courses.

The quality of our teaching is proven after more than 20 years and that is why we are one of the driving schools with the highest rate of passes and students presented for examination on the entire island of Ibiza.

If you still don’t know what kind of car you want to drive, we’ll explain the main differences. Driving an automatic car is easier than doing it with a manual one, so a reduction in the number of hours of practical classes to be carried out is expected and, consequently, a reduction in both the economic cost of the driving license and the cost in time invested until reach approval.

Carrying out the practices for the driver’s license with an automatic car facilitates learning since one of the most common handicaps among students is avoided: the pedal game and the gear change. By not having to alternate the brake and clutch pedals while changing gears manually, driving becomes much more fluid.

In addition, our automatic car has the latest technological aids on the market to make driving very easy: very small dimensions, parking sensor, automatic lights and wipers, hill start assistant, One Pedal driving and many additional details so that students Go straight to approved.

Do you want to get your driving license with us? We tell you why choose Residential Driving School.

  • We are a 100% reliable driving school that offers quality teaching at an unbeatable price; our courses are specifically designed to teach our students everything important about driving so that they become great and safe drivers in the future. We have studied and designed the prices of our courses so that everyone can afford to study at a Residential Driving School.
  • We also guarantee the best price on the entire island for our courses: If you find a driving school in Ibiza with better offers, you just have to bring us the offer and Driving School Residential will improve that price. This is how we manage to guarantee the best and cheapest price on the entire island for your benefit.
  • We help our students get their driving license in the shortest time possible with a positive result: our study plan adapts to the rhythm of our students so that everyone progresses at the same time. The lessons are clear, dynamic and simple, ensuring that students learn the important points of the theory very quickly and come out fully prepared for both the theoretical and practical exam.
  • We have state-of-the-art vehicles available to our students so that they feel comfortable and safe during their practical classes. During the classes they will deepen their knowledge of the vehicle, the road and the proper behaviour on the road. They will discover how to overcome the pressure and to act in the face of any unforeseen event that may occur on the road.
  • We have flexible schedules that adapt to the needs of the student, our practical classes can be given from 7 in the morning until 10 at night, every day of the week, including weekends.
  • Useful and dynamic practical classes: You will start driving from the first day because we teach you more than just passing the driving license, we teach you how to drive.
  • Permanently connected: With our profe-web, our exclusive platform with all the Ibiza exam questions, as well as our social networks, you will see how easy it is to learn at any time in addition to getting your permit with us with ease.